Media Services

Merlin Media Video
Merlin Media have been producing a wide range of video media since 1988. One of our earliest projects back then was a documentary for a local radio station. Things have changed a great deal since the days of video tape - and it's good news all round.

With the introduction of digital processes not has quality improved greatly, but production time has significantly reduced. This means that these days,quality is higher than ever and costs are lower than ever. It's a video win-win! Our team is a combination of young, post grad creativity mixed with experienced, professional old hands - united with a focus on quality, both visual and audio. Our skills feature the traditional shooting, lighting and scripting to the clever CGI tricks afforded by modern technology and software. You may well be surprised at just how cost effective professional video is from Merlin Media - and just how much of an impact it can make, however big or small your project is...


Merlin Media Photography
Imajim Photography is a photographic and digital imagery company based in Ipswich, Suffolk, England.

Natural is a key word in our work. We love natural photography and we love to shoot naturally. Many people for instance can be ‘uncomfortable’ with a lens and bright lights in their face. Often images that didn't get prompted with the words ‘say cheese’ make for far better photographs.

For those of you that embrace the camera we can provide the atmosphere and the Merlin Mediapost production techniques that bring the wow factor to your photos. The camera never lies, but we can make it tell a number of fibs! We are also able to come, fully equipped, to you. From the busy exec to the shy bride, familiar and practical locations often lend relaxation to the shoot and free your time up.

So whether it be commercial head-shots, glamour portfolios, weddings or family portraits, have a chat with the nice guys.


Merlin Media Radio Commercial & Audio Production

Lightning Production operates from studios in the East of England and have been producing radio commercials, promotions and trailers for some 15 years.

In that time a huge wealth of experience has been acquired across the radio ad spectrum. By understanding the need for a good client brief we supply a template that enables you to capture exactly the needs of your clients. From that we produce tailor written effective scripts, and continue the liaison until you and your client are happy. We can advise you on such matters as legality, imaging and impact strategies.

On the production side we have staff who have all at some time been directly involved with broadcast, and use that experience together with the latest digital technology to produce the physical sound that lends quality to the product.

Our service includes effective scripts, Equity circuit professional voices, full music and sound effect libraries, state of the art digital production and high quality masters - delivered to you via ISDN, e-mail, CD or downloaded from our client area, in the format of your choice.

Further more we understand the relationship between radio station and client - and our friendly accommodating approach combined with our knowledge depth assists you in maintaining that relationship. Individual companies wishing to pursue radio advertising benefit from our long experience in the business.


Merlin MediaAnimation
At Merlin Media we can provide high quality animations utilising our experience with multiple programs such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash and Autodesk 3DS Max. With this knowledge we can provide exactly what the client needs, in both 2D and 3D environments.
Animations are fast becoming the media of choice in many web applications and promotional material. They have to ability present a message in exactly the way you want it, free from the constraints of 'real' life. Animations are powerfully unique in that they tap into our memories of childhood and often evoke pleasant thoughts, security and fun - a very receptive state of mind!


Merlin Media Radio Programming, Production & Training
Class Radio - Radio Training. The training we can provide depends entirely on what you have in mind for your radio studies. If you are kitting out a studio then obviously making full use of that equipment is paramount. Technical ability is something all broadcaster have, in varying degrees!
Training and teaching in the many other disciplines of radio can be tailored to suit your requirements, timetable and budget. Suffice to say the entire range of radio is coverable - including interviewing, script writing, producing, music selection, editing, feature producing right up to the managerial side of the industry such as advertising, budgeting and transmission.
A mixture of practical, field and written work is employed but we are always aware of the ethos of the subject. Radio is fun, and we find we get the best out of people when they themselves have fun in what they do.


Merlin Media Property Video
Video My House. If you have ever sold a house, you'll know that you need all the help you can get. It's incredible to think that although a property is one of the biggest things we ever sell, many people still make the mistake of scrimping on publicity and advertising. Using a snap shot from a mobile phone is not going present your valuable property in a light that encourages potential buyers.

Here at Video My House we can provide you with a range of visual advertising media that will help to make your house stand out from the crowd.

And it's not just for mansions either. ANY property will benefit from professional imagery. Whether a first home or a family mansion, the investment is only around one third of one per cent of the property value. We all want the best deal when we sell - those likely to get it have the foresight to advertise wisely.